Online Fitness 180

This is highly personalized online training package for someone that wants to turn health and fitness into a lifestyle habit and do a 180 with their health. I call it the Cadillac of online training.  Every single aspect of this program well be tailored to your fitness level, likes, dislikes, schedule, history, etc.
-Weekly Skype Check In Calls
-Weekly Meal Plans
-Weekly PERSONALIZED workouts delivered through trainerize
-Messaging 7 days a week
Contact me for a customized quote. 

Starting at $169/Month

 Online Fitness 180 Express
This is the 'mini' version of the fitness 180 plan. Your fitness program is highly personalized and includes bi-weekly check ins, but excludes the meal plans. Great for someone who just wants to save time and have the expertise of pre-made personalized workouts for a specific goal.
-Bi-weekly Skype Check Ins
-Weekly PERSONALIZED workouts delivered through Trainerize
-Messaging 7 days a week
Contact me for a customized quote. 

Starting at $69/Month


Monthly Hustler 
This is a month to month online fitness program for people who need a balanced weekly fitness program to maintain their health. This is also an affordable option if you are on a budget. Balanced weekly workouts are programmed into the mobile training app and done on your own at your pace!
-General weekly workouts delivered through trainerize
-Messaging 7 days a week


This plan is a flat $40/month

Group Monthly Hustler
Want to work through a fitness program with a partner or group of friends? This is the package if you want to workout with your friends or family members and hold eachother accountable!
-General weekly workouts delivered through trainerize to each group member (2-5 people)
-Messaging 7 days a week
This plan is $30/person


All plans include a complimentary consultation. 
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